Exciting News

Cooperstown, NY – The Cooperstown Central School District Board of Education approved Owen Kelso as the Junior/Senior High School Principal at its July 6, 2022 meeting.

 Mr. Kelso comes to Cooperstown from Ulster County, NY where he most recently served as an Assistant Principal for the New Paltz Central School District. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and a Master of Science degree in Special Education from SUNY Plattsburgh and a certificate of advanced study in School Leadership from SUNY New Paltz.

 “I’d like to extend my gratitude to Superintendent Sarah Spross, the Cooperstown Central School District and the Cooperstown school community,” said Mr. Kelso. “It is an honor to be the Cooperstown Junior/Senior High School Principal. I look forward to many years of serving your children, teachers, and community. ‘Excelsior! -  Ever Upward,’ has been my motto and it ties in with Cooperstown’s mission of excellence in education. This will be our mutual endeavor and I look forward to working with everyone to make it a reality. I am excited to call the Cooperstown district my home.”

Most recently Mr. Kelso was responsible for assisting the principal in a high school of 720 students. He was responsible for supervising and conducting teacher evaluations, planning state test programs, implementing the Dignity for All Students Act, and oversaw student counseling and discipline to assure student success. He has collaborated with teachers, students, parents, other administrators, community leaders, and union representatives.

The Cooperstown district superintendent and board of education members selected Mr. Kelso following careful review of the pool of qualified applicants as well as conversations with representatives from district teachers, staff, and administrators. Candidates met with faculty and service unit members, a representative from the parent teacher association, board of education members, and school administrators who provided feedback to the superintendent and board of education.

Ms. Spross and district leaders, including Assistant Principal Amy Malcuria and Assistant Superintendent for Business and Operations Amy Kukenberger, will provide Mr. Kelso with a thorough orientation. They will help him review policies and procedures, budgets, established events for the 2022-2023 school year, enduring district goals, and other important aspects of the school. As the instructional leader for the Jr./Sr. High School, Mr. Kelso’s first priority will be to get to know the teachers and educational support staff.