More than anything else, Cooperstown Central School District prides itself on academic excellence. The district routinely gets high marks in regional, state and national surveys of public schools. But our approach to education is anything but routine.

The district places great emphasis on educating the whole child in a caring, nurturing environment designed to bring out the best in all students. The structure of our educational model is intended to foster growth, from day to day; month to month; and year to year.

Our two building principals encourage the professional development of our faculty and staff with the knowledge they learn, the more effective they become. Cooperstown Central School District is not bricks and mortar; books and computers, it is an academic community, whose mission is to motivate students to pursue individual excellence. And to provide students different ways to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for continual growth throughout their school and adult life’s.

How do we learn at Cooperstown? Here’s how we learn about fractions.