Catskill Region History Day Competitors

Congratulations to our Cooperstown students who competed in the Catskill Region History Day contest held March 11, 2023 in Cherry Valley. The students listed below will advance to the state competition at SUCO on April 24, 2023. As part of the process, these individuals and groups will continue their research and improve their projects. To highlight student research, all project categories require annotated bibliographies and process papers in addition to the actual project.  

Good luck students on the next round of competition!

Junior Division Historical Paper 

  • “The First Crusade”- Andrew Olski  
  • “The Apollo 11 Mission”- Kohlee Lepetich  

 Junior Division Individual Exhibit

  •  “The New Frozen Frontier Clarence Birdseye”- Olivia Temp  

Junior Division Group Exhibit

  • “Women In Sports ‘Crossing a Frontier’ "- Leah Phillips and Sophia Johnson
  • “Tibetans Escape to Freedom”- Yimdrulk Gyamtso, Alyssa Lichtman, Margaret Gentles, and Jahnavi Mahesh

 Junior Division Individual Documentary

  • “The Lunar Landing: Frontiers on the Moon”- Eleanor Walker
  • “The Space Race and the Real Man in the Moon”- Emily Menzies   

 Junior Division Group Documentary

  • “The Antarctic Frontier: The Race to The South Pole”- Brain Zhang, Owen Nolan, and Thomas Geertgens
  • “Isaac Newton: The Pioneer of the Frontier of Gravity”- Carleigh Williams and Annika Murray  

Senior Division Historical Paper

  •  “Berlin Wall”- Pauline Kennedy

Senior Division Individual Website

  • “Alfred Nobel: The Man Behind the Dynamite”- Elias MacLeish