Student-Guardian Portal

Cooperstown Central School District uses PowerSchool services for attendance, discipline, and grading. The Student-Guardian Portal is a free service for students and guardians to track grades and attendance. While students only have access to their individual profile, guardians can have access to all of their children. A guardian can sign-up for the service at the Jr./Sr. High School main office; and the service tracks a student from kindergarten through 12th grade.

A photo identification is needed to register for the Student-Guardian Portal, but registration only needs to be done once.

The phone number(s) and email address(es) that are listed within the PowerSchool system are used for our Thrillshare mass notification program. This program allows Cooperstown Central School District to send mass-calls or mass-texts for emergencies and notifications. Please make sure that you report any changes to your information, if you move or get a new number/account, as soon as possible to your child’s building main office.

Click HERE to learn how to ADD a STUDENT to your existing PowerSchool Account.