Google Takeout

Students that are transferring to another district or are graduating, have the ability to transfer “their” content to a separate personal Google account, using Google Takeout. This tool allows students to either transfer their @ccsmail.org G Suite data (Gmail, Drive, Favorites, Notes, …) to another Google account and/or download your data to a ZIP folder before they leave the district.

  • Seniors will have access to this tool prior to and over the summer. Their account will remain accessible until the next school year starts. At that time, graduating student accounts will be disabled indefinitely and access will not be available.
  • Students that are leaving the district prior to graduation, need to inform the Chromebook Adviser before doing so to have it enabled for their account. Otherwise, the account will be disabled indefinitely and access will not be available.

Transfer your data to your personal Google account

Download your data as a ZIP folder

Please note, CCSD never deletes accounts and they are kept in Google Archive. If you have any questions on this tool, please feel free to contact the CCSD I.T. Department.