Common Questions / Issues

Does Not Charge

If the Chromebook only Works on AC Power and Doesn’t Charge (Charging Light Flashes Green & Orange or White & Orange)…

  • Please Drop-off your Chromebook in 128, with a Note, to get the Battery Replaced Free of Charge.

Printers are Not Showing

If you go to “Chrome Menu – Print” or CTRL+P and the District Printers are Missing…

  • Make sure your @ccsmail.org Account is Selected:


  • If it is Selected and they Still Don’t Show Up, Please Contact the I.T. Department to get them Added!

Unresponsive / Frozen

Sometimes, a Chromebook will not Respond to any Keys being pressed, including the Power Button. If the Power LED is Green or White and the Screen is Blank, a Hard Shutdown is Nessacary…

  • Press & Hold the POWER Key for About 5 Seconds – you Should See the Light Turn OFF.
  • Press & Release the POWER Key to Turn it Back On.
  • The Unit Should Startup and Display the ChromeOS Logo and then the Login Screen After.