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Superintendent’s Message to the Community

| January 17, 2017

Dear Cooperstown Community,

This is a photo of Dr. William Crankshaw

Dr. William Crankshaw

Since I learned of the Board’s selection of me as your next superintendent, and officially since Jan. 1, I have seized many opportunities to learn as much as possible about Cooperstown CSD and its exceptional extended community of students, faculty and staff, educational supporters. I feel as though I’ve been here for a long time already, but I’m still only beginning to establish important connections for critical relationships within my new community of Cooperstown.

The first few weeks have been busy with transition, learning, listening and preparations to improve and increase opportunities for student success. We have a strong focus on building communication, implementing a guaranteed and viable curriculum and learning how to put some very important learning and instructional shifts into practice. Our focus will be rigor, relevance, relationship-building and engaging learning experiences for students. We will focus our work to make college and career readiness real for every one of our students. We will be called to think differently about teaching and learning and student success will not be about having it all, but doing it all well and receiving the education that students need.

Without moving further on in my message to you, I would like to acknowledge the immense change and feeling of loss that the whole Cooperstown community felt when it lost its educational leader and friend, Mr. C.J. Hebert. I have learned that he was a dedicated and talented educator, and that he formed meaningful relationships with those in the Cooperstown community. He was what we all must be – advocates for children and meaningful engagement in learning.

With great respect for Mr. Hebert’s dedication of years of service to Cooperstown, I will continue working – mindful of traditions and the reputation for excellence that CCSD already enjoys. With the full support of the Board and the Community, I am confident in my abilities to build on that reputation of excellence and lead our school to great things. I believe strongly in the vision statement of the District – “The District will be a regional and national model school district for educational excellence for all students in a rural community.” To fulfill the mission, a great deal of cohesion, teamwork, pulling together and leadership will be required of us.

In the coming months, our administration, teachers and support staff will work hard and with focused diligence to re-define and re-design curricula, create effective programs, master schedules and continue improving facilities. We anticipate a future filled with meaningful opportunities for improved growth and achievement of students. The second phase of our voter-supported Capital Project promises the re-design of facilities that will make a state-of-the-art STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) Program a reality. We will be sharing updates of the project along the way via our website and newsletters.

Please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself – please consider inviting me to participate and attend events that are important to you and to the Cooperstown community. I’m living in the District, so I want to be available and to get involved. Please call me at school – 607.547.5364, contact me through e-mail at, or call my personal cell phone at 518.844.8125.

I’m really looking forward to celebrating many successes and overcoming any challenges we may face – together. We have a tremendous opportunity to reach our true potential, to grow and achieve by raising standards and keeping a laser-sharp focus on what’s important – creating a learning environment that can ensure that each student will not only graduate as full community citizens, but be leaders in those communities.

A favorite saying is a little redundant, if not humorous, but so profound – “The important thing is to keep the important thing the important thing.”  Therefore, we’ll also bring all decision-making and all of our work together back to the mission, vision and goals of the District. Together, we’re going to capitalize on the great riches our community affords us and make Cooperstown the platinum standard by which all other schools will be measured nationally. I am honored to be part of very exciting times to come for the students of Cooperstown Central School District.


Dr. William Crankshaw

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