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Spanish 4 students to send handcrafted children’s books to Honduras

| January 9, 2018
20 members of a class stand holding books

The Spanish 4 class created children’s books in English and Spanish to send to a Honduran town.

A Spanish class at Cooperstown Central School is reaching out to a small Honduran mountain town one children’s book at a time.

The effort by Anita Cleveland’s Spanish 4 class is being assisted by her student, Josie Hovis, who is going on a mission trip to Honduras with her mother, Kim Jastremski, this month.

Cleveland’s class made children’s books in English and Spanish and Hovis will help get them in the hands of Honduran children.

“I am part of an expedition that is helping to install a water purification system in that town because they don’t have one yet,” Hovis, a junior, said.

As part of a Living Waters for the World mission, Hovis will be providing outreach to the community’s younger children and teenagers. Part of this outreach conducted by the First Presbyterian Church of Cooperstown will include distributing the books made by the Spanish 4 class.

Aside from a visit to Canada, this will be the first time Hovis has been outside the United States.

a handmade book showing a picture of a pancake is seen

The books covered a variety of themes, including the food and weather of Cooperstown.

“I am pretty excited because it will be an entire class’s work being brought to a different country,” Hovis said.

The timing of the mission trip worked out perfectly, according to Cleveland, who had done the children’s book project with previous classes. But this time was a little different, she said.

“They created books on different themes, and they translated the text into English so the Honduran children have the possibility of learning some English as well,” she said.

Some of the books were about Cooperstown’s weather and food commonly enjoyed by the American students.

“I think they did a fantastic job with their stories. I think that it really helped that they knew their work was actually going to someplace help and be in the hands of somebody else and not just handed in for me to correct,” Cleveland added.

To ensure longevity for the Honduran children, the books were laminated with the help of school monitor Donna Hribar.


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