CSE/CPSE Secretary

Patricia Hogan, the CSE/CPSE secretary, maintains records for all students referred to the CSE/CPSE as required by New York State Guidelines.

547-4449 or phogan@cooperstowncs.org

District Wide

Laura Bliss Lamb is the Chairperson of the Committee on Special Education and Preschool Special Education (CSE/CPSE). She is responsible for coordinating efforts of the CSE/CPSE and ensuring that recommendations of the committees are implemented. In addition, Mrs. Bliss Lamb serves as the coordinator of the 504 Multi Disciplinary Team.

547-4449 or lblisslamb@cooperstowncs.org

Mary Havlik is a certified school psychologist. She conducts individual psycho-educational evaluations for students referred to the CSE and consults with school staff and parents. In addition, she provides counseling services to students with disabilities. Mrs. Havlik also coordinates the Instructional Support Teams at the elementary and high school levels. She services on the Crisis Team and provides assistance to students in need of support, as recommended by their counselors. She has an office at the Elementary Site (Mon, Tues, & Fri), as well as the Jr/Sr High Site (Wed & Thurs).

547-5599 or mhavlik@cooperstowncs.org

Bree Dempsey is a certified Speech/Language Pathologist who will work with students in grades K-12.


Elementary School (547-9976)

Carrie Powers is a primary instruction teacher in reading, written expression and math; grades 4-6.


April Green is a special education teacher in the 8:1:1 program for grades K-2. She is supported by Erin Kelly, licensed teaching assistant (LTA); Sabrina Page and Carmella Palladino, aides; and a part-time behavioral specialist from Kids Oneida.


Deb West-Arnot is a special education teacher providing consultant teacher services and resource support; grades K-6. In addition, Mrs. West-Arnot provides Academic Intervention Services (AIS) to students in grades K, 3, and 5.


Erica Roecklein is NYS certified for grades 1-6 in Students With Disabilities certification and is a special education teacher for Grades K-6. Subjects taught include consultant teacher services and resource support.


Marie Carrasco is NYS certified for grades 1-12 in Students With Disabilities certification. She works in the upper elementary 8:1:1 classroom with Tiffany Shanker, licensed teaching asssistant (LTA).


Kelly Carpenter is a licensed speech/language pathologist. She works with students in grades K-6, providing speech/language therapy. In addition, Mrs. Carpenter works with students in need of speech improvement services.


Jr./Sr. High School (547-8181)

Barbara Cannon is special education teacher who provides consultant teacher, resource support, direct instruction, and transitional support services to students in grades seven and eight and in the high school. She also co-teaches in English 8 and US History 8.


Katie Lambert is special education teacher who provides primary instruction to high school students through the 15:1 program. She currently teaches English, Global Studies, Participation in Government/Economics, and Algebra, and provides consultant support in Living Environment. She is supported by Sylvia Summers, licensed teaching assistant (LTA). In addition, Mrs. Deb Miller co-teaches in the 15:1 algebra class.


Samantha Carrabba is a special education teacher in the 6:1:1 program (CARES). Samantha is supported by JoAnn Gardner, licensed teaching assistant (LTA) and Megan Kantor, behavioral specialist.


Shannon Merwin is a special education teacher who provides transitional support, consultant teacher services, and resource support to high school level students. In addition, Mrs. Merwin co-teaches in English 11 and US History 11.


Stephanie Nelen is a special education teacher who provides primary instruction instruction in English, Math, Science, Reading, Social Studies, Health, and Life Skills to students in grades seven through twelve in the basic academic life skills program. She is supported by Megan Allison, licensed teaching assistant (LTA).


Occupational and Physical Therapy

Stephanie Johnson-Spencer is a licensed and registered occupational therapist who provides occupational therapy (OT) to students in grades kindergarten through twelve, as recommended by the Committee on Special Education (CSE).


Emily Price is a licensed and registered physical therapist, provides physical therapy (PT) to students in grades kindergarten through twelve, as recommended by the Committee on Special Education (CSE). The role of the physical therapist in public education is to assist students in accessing the facilities and curriculum to their fullest potential. This may include work on strengthening, mobility, sensory integration, body awareness and/or coordination skills. If you have noted concerns with a child’s motor development, Emily Price is happy to provide screenings to determine if further evaluation is needed. Please note that she in the district on Tuesdays and Fridays throughout the 2017-2018 school year.


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Laura Bliss Lamb
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