Space Costs

Non-Profit For-Profit
Auditorium $80 $160
w/ Air Conditioning $175 $265
w/ Stage Lighting Add $60 Add $90
Cafeteria $50 $120
w/ Kitchen $120 $200
Gymnasium $50 $120
- After Hours Add $30 Add $40
Classroom (Each) $25 $75
Hallway $15 $60
Athletic Fields (Each) $50 $120
Parking Lots (Each) $50 $120

Extra Fees

  • Listed rates reflect charges for use of the building and facilities only when school is in session.
  • Weekend and Summer use will require additional custodial charges.
  • Kitchen supervision fees will apply.
  • District-based organizations will not be charged to use facilities but may be charged for additional employee costs incurred by the District. Kitchen supervision fees apply.

  • District Non-Profits

    ML Schedules may show or send an invoice, even though you may not be charged to use facilities. If you have any questions, please contact Alena Krug or the Business Office.