Space Costs

Non-Profit For-Profit
Auditorium $80 $160
w/ Air Conditioning $175 $265
w/ Stage Lighting Add $60 Add $90
Cafeteria $50 $120
w/ Kitchen $120 $200
Gymnasium $50 $120
After Hours Add $30 Add $40
Classroom (Each) $25 $75
Hallway $15 $60
Athletic Fields (Each) $50 $120
Parking Lots (Each) $50 $120

Extra Fees

  • Listed rates reflect charges for use of the building and facilities only when school is in session.
  • Weekend and Summer use will require additional custodial charges.
  • Kitchen supervision fees will apply.
  • District-based organizations will not be charged to use facilities but may be charged for additional employee costs incurred by the District. Kitchen supervision fees apply.

District Non-Profits

If you have any questions regarding facility costs, please contact Alena Krug or the Business Office.