Information Technology Department

Cooperstown’s I.T. (Information Technology) Department is responsible for maintaining the district’s internal computer network; audio/visual equipment; data systems; and all of the devices our staff and students use on day-to-day basis. Their support is vital to Cooperstown Central School District’s mission of delivering the best education possible for our students. Their assistance also allows non-instructional staff the efficiencies they need to keep the school doors open and the buses running and to perform all of the administrative and business office functions required by the district.

The department manages more than 1,250 technology-based devices district-wide and oversees all systems that connect to our network, including:

  • Laptop and desktop computers;
  • Chromebooks, including the 1:1 program;
  • Switches, wireless access points, and servers;
  • Interactive projectors and displays;
  • Printers, copiers, and scanners;
  • Phone systems;
  • Security systems and cameras;
  • Time clocks;
  • the cafeteria point-of-sale system;
  • the District's facilities use request system;
  • Student-Guardian Portal / PowerSchool;
  • Google, network, and ClassLink accounts; and
  • the firewall and web content filters.

Staff Information

Faculty and Staff have many I.T. services available to them, to make sure that their technology needs are met. If you are having an I.T. related issue or would like to make an I.T. or A/V request, then please submit a ticket in our I.T. Portal, which is accessible while on-campus. Our I.T. Portal also houses a KBA (Knowledge Base Articles), F.A.Q.’s, and our Home-Use Software program. If you need assistance logging in, please check out the associated help guide. All staff and students can also connect to our WiFi which is available throughout all three buildings on campus.

In addition, please take advantage of our SSO (Single Sign-On) program, ClassLink, which connects many of the District’s cloud services to one central portal and saves their usernames and passwords as well! This system eliminates the need to remember countless links, usernames, and passwords – with just one master account. All staff and students are automatically enrolled to ClassLink.

Office Hours are 8:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m. when students are present / 3:00 p.m. otherwise.