Jr./Sr. High School Counseling Office

The Jr./Sr. High School Counseling Office strives to guide Cooperstown Central School District students toward graduation, with the courses, credits and testing requirements they need. Our three school counselors assist with career exploration, college planning, the college application process and financial aid. They also work directly with students throughout junior and senior high school to help them adjust to academic demands and school culture.

School Counselors are assigned students, based on grade level:

Katie Baldo

  • Grade 12 
  • Grade 11 

Eric Carr

  • Grade 10 
  • Grade 9 

Christine McBrearty-Hulse

  • Grade 8 
  • Grade 7 

How Class Rank and GPA are calculated

Rank in class at Cooperstown High School is determined by using a cumulative numerical accounting of each student’s grades from grade 9 to graduation. In this computation, the final mark for each subject is determined by using the class average at 4/5 and the final examination at 1/5.

Course averages are included in the GPA calculation as outlined below. All subjects are included in the calculation of cumulative high school GPA.

Students earn Honor Roll status, if their weighted GPA average is 89.5 percent or higher. We post Honor Roll awards per quarter on our website and local newspapers.

Students are ranked in their total class, not separately by academic or vocational programs. When students repeat a course, the highest average is always used in GPA calculation. Lower averages remain on the student’s permanent record card as documentation of the length of time subjects were studied. Cumulative grade totals are divided by the total number of credits attempted or earned.

Weighted GPA Procedures

  • All Honors courses are weighted at .25
  • All AP courses are weighted at .3
  • Half credit courses are included in GPA at .5
  • One credit courses are included in GPA x 1
  • Math and science courses with a lab are worth 1.5 credits
  • These courses are included in GPA at 1.5

AP courses weighted at .3:

  • AP English Literature
  • AP Biology
  • AP US History
  • AP European History
  • AP Calculus AB

Honors courses weighted at .25:

  • English 9H
  • English 10H
  • Global Studies 11H
  • English 11H
  • Honors College Prep English

Courses with labs where the grade is included at 1.5 but not weighted:

  • Chemistry R
  • Biology 9 RM
  • Physics R
  • Biology 10 RM
  • Biology 9 R
  • Earth Science R

The weighted formula is used for GPA and Class Rank as they relate to college transcripts and scholarships.

Graduation Requirements

One unit of credit is granted for passing a 40 minutes-per-day, 5 day-a-week, full-year course of study. Our minimum passing course average is 70. Required core courses are worth 20.5 total credits.

Regents Diplomas require 25.5 credits minimum by the end of the senior year of high school. 20.5 credits are earned in required courses. Students select additional elective courses that will bring the total credits earned to a minimum or 25.5. All students are required to take six full courses each year plus physical education. (6.5 credits minimum per year).

Cooperstown Central School New York State Regents Diploma

Students are entitled to a New York State Regents Diploma by earning 25.5 units of credit as follows:

Satisfactory completion of each of the following subjects by years of study

English – 4

Social Studies – 4

Math – 3

Science – 3

Second Language – 1

Art or Music – 1

Health – .5

Freshmen Seminar – .5

Physical Education (1/2 unit per year for 4 years) – 2

Electives – 6.5

Total – 25.5


Students must pass the following Regents examinations with > 65:

  • Comprehensive English
  • American History and Government
  • Global History and Geography
  • One Math Exam (Typically Algebra)
  • One Science Exam (Biology, Earth Science or Chemistry)

Certain College Board Achievement Tests or American College Testing Program scores may be substituted for Regents examinations.

Special Credit Options

All students who pass (70 or higher) an Advanced Placement course will receive 1.5 units of credit toward the 25.5 units required for graduation. Advanced Placement courses that apply under this option include: English Literature, Calculus, US History, European History, and Biology. All students who pass (70 or higher) a high school lab science course will receive 1.5 units of credit toward the 25.5 units required for graduation.

Requirements for 2018 New York State Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation at CCS

Same as Regents Diploma plus:

  1. Pass Math Regents exams in Geometry and Algebra II/Trig
  2. Pass a second science Regents exam
  3. Pass 3 units of study in the same second language and pass a comprehensive exam*

*Students may substitute other sequences in place of the second language requirement.

Note: Beginning with the Class of 2014, students who have a cumulative weighted GPA of 92.5 or higher, after seven semesters of study, will graduate with Honors.