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High school class reunites woman with a long lost scrapbook

| February 16, 2018

A high school class stands with a woman and a man holding a scrapbookA class project at Cooperstown Jr. /Sr. High School helped reunite a woman with a long lost scrapbook.

About four years ago, teacher Rebecca Burke-Sciallo, who loves to thrift, found an old scrapbook at a local Goodwill.

“I get very sad when things are thrifted that shouldn’t be; photographs, photo albums, handmade quilts. I thought I was saving it from a sad future,” she said.  “It cost $5.99. It was big, orange and filled with years of cards, poems, letters, movie tickets, locks of hair and it spanned the years of 1972 to 1974.”

The scrapbook chronicled the life of a Herkimer County Community College student.

‘’Over the years, I would pull it out every year in Creative Writing or when I was doing a lesson on storytelling.  I never went in search of the women because I honestly believed it was either unwanted or given away after a death,” Burke-Sciallo said.

Burke-Sciallo said she recently pulled the scrapbook out during a lesson in her Fried Green Tomatoes unit.

“My students wanted to know who this woman was. I found a first and last name on a transcript, and with the help of Facebook , they found her. My students found Linda,” she said. “She was in awe that we had connected her with her long lost scrapbook. It was accidentally donated and she has thought about it for years.”

Linda and her husband, Paul, recently finished her scrapbook story by coming to Cooperstown Jr./Sr. High School to retrieve her long lost memories.

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