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Cooperstown High School students to be featured at the Fenimore Art Museum

| April 9, 2018

Cooperstown High School students will create a featured exhibit for the Fenimore Art Museum based on their studies of the Thornton Wilder play, Our Town.

The Our Town Gallery Opening will be May 3 from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Students in Mrs. Burk-Sciallo’s 11th grade Honors English class each interview a citizen in the Cooperstown community to learn their story. After students speak with their citizen, they create three pieces of artwork: one written and two visual. The creative writing pieces are featured in a booklet and the two visual pieces are representations of the interviewee’s life and the life lesson they taught the student.

All of this comes together in a celebration of life when the Fenimore Art Museum hosts the project in May. From start to finish, students create, organize, curate and breakdown the exhibit.

Take a gallery walk in May and learn about the stories that make up our town.

A previous version of the district calendar listed a date of for the opening of June 4. The correct date is May 3.

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