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Cooperstown CSD Ranks in the Top Tier of Schools in Upstate NY for SAT Scores

| July 11, 2017

Cooperstown Central School District was recently ranked 32nd out of the roughly 600 public schools in upstate New York in terms of combined SAT scores.

You can see the rankings here.

Using data from 2016, compared Cooperstown CSD’s SAT scores with those of other schools in upstate New York. The combined reading and math SAT score in 2016  for all students at the 600 schools was 990. New York students averaged 501 on reading and 477 on math.

But at Cooperstown, the combined average score was 1089; the reading score was 550; and the math score was 539. took a closer look at the 51 Upstate New York public school districts that furthest outpaced the state average. Cooperstown tied for 32nd place. In addition, Cooperstown was the only school in the region to get ranked in the top tier.



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