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CCSD Superintendent Pens ‘Welcome Back’ Letter for the District

| August 24, 2017

Dear members of the Cooperstown Central School District Learning Community,

Cooperstown Central School District is continuing movement forward with aspirations to be an even stronger school for students in the coming years.  The Board of Education has been diligent in its review of policy and fiscal practices in support of student learning.  The entire leadership team has been at work on planning for improvements, which includes the focused work by our teachers and staff.

Continuous Improvement will be our mantra, as it should be.  Good education is not stagnant; it is ever changing.  It is the result of carefully crafted planning and the attention to every detail of motion.  We practice, reflect, revise our plan of action, and repeat.  Of course, stability and sound, consistent practice should prevail.  Our mission and relevant enduring goals, objectives and outcomes guide us.  Our mission is:

“The Cooperstown Central School District is a collaborative partnership of all home, school, and community stakeholders founded on trust.  The District will provide a caring environment in which important and meaningful learning opportunities motivate our students to aspire to excellence.  Active curiosity, compassion and positivity are critical elements of effective teaching and learning.  Our unified mindset is one that promotes the ideals of ownership and continuous improvement.”

I am excited to tell you about some of the many endeavors we have been engaged in over the past several months.  I am pleased to tell you that the current Capital Project is now coming to the point of completion.  The long-awaited STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) area renovations promise to lead us to exciting possibilities for our students in terms of making programming more relevant to our students’ needs.  We will, in the coming year, be gathering input and making firm plans for programming that will be both innovative and relevant.

We also set out this summer to produce a document that could articulate and define three levels of curricula, programs and services.  All of our teachers and administrators have worked to build a high quality draft of that guiding document throughout the spring and summer.  It is named the “Cooperstown Central School District Comprehensive Instructional Plan” (CIP).  Its three sections outline…

•     A Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum, K-12,

•     The Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS – also referred to as “Response to Intervention RtI),

•     and the Special Education Program (continuum and process) promised to all students at CCSD

Included in this plan are the complementary three-year strategic plans to accompany the CIP.  All are tied to the District’s goals:

•     CCSD Technology Plan,

•     CCSD Professional Development Plan,

•     and CCSD K-12 Guidance Plan

Various handbooks that guide our regular operations, are also included.  These have all been updated to reflect organizational needs, personnel and student behaviors, and professional responsibilities to students and programs.

These include:

•     CCSD Faculty Handbook,

•     CCSD Student Handbooks for both secondary and elementary schools (including the Code of Conduct On School Property),

•     CCSD Handbooks for Advisers and Coaches.

There has been quite a bit of change to our faculty and staff over the past few months.  The administrative team, together with interview committees, have considered not only candidates with the requisite experience and certifications, but for what they can bring to benefit students, both in and out of the classroom.  Our focus has been to add value to the learning community through the hiring process.  We are excited to see how students will respond to our new staff and how the culture of Cooperstown Central School District will be enriched.

As we move through the last weeks of summer, we anticipate an exceptional new year at CCSD.  Please take a few moments to look at our goals for the year, as well as how we are making great efforts to strengthen the student learning opportunities here.  Please take time to read the documents that serve to define instruction in the District, and take opportunities to get involved in the continuous improvement process.

The Board of Education and I are committed to improving “openness” at CCSD, and invite you to learn as much as you can about the work we do on behalf of students, and even attend monthly Board meetings when you can.  As you have questions, concerns, ideas, and feedback, please feel free to contact us.  Our contact information can be clearly found on the District’s webpage, through Facebook, and through publications you may be receiving in the mail.

I continue to be honored to be part of very exciting times in education, and working with the greater learning community for promising opportunities ahead for all students at Cooperstown Central School District.  Together we will capitalize on the great riches our community affords us and make Cooperstown CSD continuously improve our status as a regional and national model school district for educational excellence.

Take good care,

Dr. Crankshaw

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