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Capital Project Update

| September 6, 2016

Although the 2016-17 school year opens Tuesday, Sept. 6, some work remains from the current phase of Cooperstown Central School District’s ongoing capital project.

Asbestos abatement in the third through sixth grade-wing of the Elementary School was completed safely over the summer. However, floor tiling was not completely installed in portions of the building where asbestos was removed.

“The tiling contractor, for a number of reasons, could not complete the job prior to the opening of school. The plan is for the tiling contactor to return on three separate occasions when teachers and students are not in the building,” Interim Superintendent Michael K. Virgil said.

One reason for the delay is the extent of the damage to the concrete base of the floor during asbestos floor tile removal. The entire capital project, which is in its second year, was also impacted by backlogs at the New York State Education Department during the approval process.

Tiling was successfully placed in nearly all of the upstairs part of the wing. The first floor will have tiling installed when school is not in session, over a long weekend this fall, Christmas break and the February break. In the interim, the hardened leveler used as a base for the tile will remain on the floor and is covered in two coats of wax.  Modified tennis balls are being placed on the feet of all desks and chairs to ensure the surface is not scratched.

A compliance officer from the New York State Public Employee Safety and Health Bureau was contacted by the school district this week and said the steps taken are appropriate and safe under the circumstances.

Additional work being completed includes finishing a “green space” area of the circle in the Elementary School parking lot and paving of the bus garage area. Normal traffic patterns at the school are expected on the opening day of classes and beyond.

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