Threat Assessment: Reported Gas Odor
William Crankshaw
Thursday, February 07, 2019

Dear Parents, Caregivers, and CCS Community Members,

This morning, around 10:00 I received a report from elementary school administration that there were odors in a few isolated areas in the building which smelled like a fuel (propane or other).  

We conducted a thorough threat assessment, in accordance with our safety plan, which included scouring our facilities inside and out and consulting with experts (utility provider, maintenance, etc.).  Odors dissipated rather quickly.  Somewhere around the same time we learned that there were specific reports of a gas smell from the JSHS.

We inspected the entire elementary building without incident, as well as the JSHS.  We also contacted our propane supplier, Mirabito, who sent a technician over to confirm our assessment that any potential problem had dissipated.  

All experts have stated that there were/are no reasons to evacuate either building, and that the odors may have actually come from somewhere near the school buildings.  One second grade classroom was moved to another area of the building during the assessment.  One classroom at the JSHS was moved.  

The protocol for technological threats/hazards was followed, and it was determined that an evacuation was not necessary.  We are continuing to monitor the situation, but at the current time (12:00) there doesn't seem to be any concern around suspicious, unusual or dangerous odors that could cause a threat to students and staff.

For informational purposes - Mirabito is our propane gas supplier.  There is no natural gas used in Cooperstown as I have been told and understand it, and certainly not in our schools.  We do not use oil either.  Threat assessments are important and timely because any unusual smell could be cause for alarm.

We will continue to monitor the systems.  As always, we are encouraging staff to contact administration immediately if they suspect that anything seems unusual or out of the ordinary.  Safety and security with good communication are of utmost importance at CCS.  

Many thanks for your understanding and continued support.