Welcome Josh Wagner

I am pleased to announce that Mr. Josh Wagner has joined Cooperstown Central School District as the Director of Physical Education, Athletics, and Extra-Curricular Activities .  Mr. Wagner brings over 20 years of educational experience with 10+ of those as a Director of Physical Education and Athletics. Mr. Wagner is certified in NYS as a school administrator supervisor and a physical education teacher and has also completed the requirements to be a certified athletic administrator.  For the past four years, he has been involved with the Center State Conference, Section 3, which is our conference.

Mr. Wagner has been responsible for curriculum development, planning and preparation of physical education, managing the daily operation of the athletic department and staff, as well as managing an athletic budget.  He recognizes the importance of extracurricular and cocurricular activities for students, emphasizing the connection with student growth, social skill development, and the social and emotional health of our students.   

Please join me in welcoming Mr. Wagner to the Cooperstown Central School District team.