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Advice From Staff and Faculty to Students is Timeless

| January 10, 2017

Have you ever wanted to go back in time and give yourself advice?

We’ve probably all thought about it at one time or another, but staff and faculty members at Cooperstown Central School have found a way to do just that in the hopes their wise words will have an impact on current students.

School Social Worker Mary Clare Roberts and Teacher Rebecca Burk-Sciallo helped coordinate an effort that resulted in a hallway display to showcase life lessons and tips for success.

Participating staff and faculty members provided tips for the display. They included:

“Life has hard moments, but believe that you can get through them. You can. Perspective is something that comes with time. We are all a constant work in progress, and through that process, you will find love, pride, sorrow, pain, laughter, tears and everything in between. Embrace it and know that there are always good days ahead. Try to stay positive and, even when you can’t, always take care of yourself. You deserve it.” – Reitz

“The world is open to you.” – Chalya Pudlewski

“Learn to laugh at yourself. The sooner the better. You’re about to embark on many more years where you’ll make numerous mistakes and embarrass yourself, and the best remedy is to laugh with friends and, even better, when alone with your thoughts. Also, stand up straight. Good posture exudes confidence. You’ll never feel more confident or comfortable than when you’re standing tall, able to laugh off any embarrassment or cringe-worthy memory. Eventually with the right posture and disposition, these moments might become some of your favorites.” – Molly Richtsmeier.

“Dream BIG and don’t think for a moment that you are not the one to go after and accomplish those dreams. Follow your passions, let yourself be pulled in the direction of what you really love, because you will not be led astray. Don’t let the limiting and short-sighted thoughts of others restrain you and your ideals. Believe in yourself, laugh more and courageously live the wildy wondrous and joyous life that is meant to be yours.” – Diana Garcia

“Participating staff members also shared a photo from their younger days and, in an effort to relate to students further, designed the board to resemble Facebook,” Reitz said.

The staff members shared how many years ago they would have “posted” their Facebook advice to their 16-year-old selves and this ranged from 13 to 46 years.  

The display is located in the main hallway of the Jr./Sr. High School to the left of the cafeteria.

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