Water Retest Results Received by District

| January 10, 2017

A second round of water testing was recently completed at Cooperstown Central School District.

An initial round of testing showed that 42 of 254 outlets were found to exceed the new state standard for lead.

The state established an action level of 15 micrograms of lead per liter, typically referred to as ‘parts per billion (ppb).’ To put this number into perspective, the NYS Department of Health uses the 15 ppb action level to promote remediation of a water outlet rather than to identify a health-based or exposure level. The new state process for lead testing in public schools is also stricter than the municipal standard.

Remediation began on affected outlets immediately and about half of the outlets were retested. The remaining outlets were mostly outdoor spigots not accessible by students and were taken out of service.

Ten of the 18 outlets retested showed lead levels higher than the state standard.

No further action is required on those outlets that retested below the state action level. For those outlets that retested above the state action level, the district will conduct further remediation, which will include replacement of fixtures and devices.

In the case of an elementary school water fountain, a new water fountain will be ordered and installed. Other fixtures that were found to exceed the new state standard will be replaced.

Once this second stage of remediation is complete, all of the affected outlets will be retested to ensure they fall under the state action level.

To view complete retesting results see Water Retest Report.

For complete information regarding water testing at Cooperstown Central School, please see the Water Testing Resource Page.

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