1:1 Chromebook Program

The Cooperstown Central School District’s 1:1 Program starts in eighth grade.  Students are issued a Google Chromebook which can be used for schoolwork, educational research, and college prep, during their time at CCSD.

This program is for all students in grades 8 – 12 and the district-owned Chromebook stays with them for their entire time at CCSD, excluding summers.  The program includes either the 11″ Samsung XE303 Chromebooks (class of 2016-2019) or the 11″ HP 11 G4 [EE] 4gb Chromebooks (starting with the class of 2020) – as these offer better durability, increased performance, and longer battery-life.

Before a student can take home their assigned device, the 1:1 Student Agreement Permission Form needs to be read over and signed, and returned to the I.T. Department.  It can be placed in their mailbox, which is located in the Jr./Sr. High School Main Office.  Currently, this form only needs to be completed once.

Students are encouraged to use the devices for all classes (teacher permitting) and for schoolwork.  They are filtered both in and out of school, with the district’s content filter.  The devices should only be used for academic educational purposes per the district’s “Acceptable Use Policy.”  Students are liable for any and all damages or missing pieces to their devices.  These would include the actual device, power supply, case, and all stickers and notices on the device (students are not allowed to place their own stickers or permanent items on the devices or cases).   Devices should be returned in the same condition that they were given, with acceptable / reasonable wear being permitted.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the “Computer Services Specialist”.  If you have a billing or payment question, please contact the Business Office.