At Cooperstown Central School District, every department and every staff member is vital to our mission. Our Facilities, Food Services, Information Technology and Transportation departments provide crucial services for students and the greater school community.


The Cooperstown Central School District is seen from a Google Maps satellite view.The Cooperstown Central School District Facilities team maintains the two main school buildings and a 60-acre campus that includes a playground, track and athletic fields. Under the leadership of the director of facilities, the department ensures our students have a safe and clean environment in which to learn, play, and compete. The facilities are constantly monitored to ensure compliance with all local, state, and federal safety standards.

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Food Services

12002376_975332815823448_960107276255266561_oHealthy bodies are one of the keys to achieving healthy minds. To ensure our students are fueled for a full-day of learning, breakfast and lunches are served at the elementary and jr./sr. high school. Our Food Services Department operates Cafes in both buildings and focuses on nutrition and healthy eating habits, in collaboration with Bassett Healthcare’s School Based Health Center’s 5210 program. The cook-manager oversees operations at the Cafes. Any funds deposited through My Meal Money after 2 p.m. will not be credited to a student’s account for 24 hours.

Breakfast/Lunch Menu, January 2017

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Information Technology

A student uses a Chromebook to work on a project.Cooperstown’s IT Department is responsible for maintaining the district’s internal computer network; audio/visual equipment; data systems; and all of the devices our staff and students use on day-to-day basis. Their IT support is vital to Cooperstown Central School District’s mission of delivering the best education possible for our students. Their assistance also allows non-instructional staff the efficiencies they need to keep the school doors open and the buses running and to perform all of the administrative and business office functions required by the district. The network coordinator leads the IT Department.

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Elementary students practicing crossing the street safely.Ensuring our students get to school safely is the top priority of our Transportation Department. Last year, our vehicles traveled 165,766 miles. This figure includes the morning and afternoon student commute, as well as field trips, athletic events and special events. The 18-vehicle fleet includes 14 full-sized buses, two vans and two Suburbans. Routine maintenance and inspections are performed to keep our vehicles above all safety standards. Our vehicles travel in all sorts of weather and traffic conditions and our experienced drivers put student safety first and foremost. The head bus driver coordinates the district’s transportation and fleet maintenance. For information on how school closings and delays are communicated, click here.

For Field Trip Requests, while on the district’s network, Please Visit TripTracker.