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District Office

Superintendent of Schools
Dr. William Crankshaw
Phone: 607.547.5364
Fax: 607.547.5100

Business Administrator
Amy Kukenberger
Phone: 607.547.2595
Fax: 607.547.5100

Interim K-12 Director of Comprehensive Student Services, Programs and Athletics
James Brophy
Phone: 607.547.2158
Fax: 607.547.1083

CSE/CPSE Chairperson
Laura Bliss-Lamb
Phone: 607.547.4449
Fax: 607.547.4427

Director of Facilities
George Hula
Phone: 607.547.2650
Fax: 607.547.5100

Melissa Rathbun
Phone: 607.547.2820
Fax: 607.547.5100

Network Coordinator
Mark LaValley
Phone: 607.547.1056
Fax: 607.547.5100

Head Bus Driver
James Harper
Phone: 607.547.8331
Fax: 607.282.1037